Great news! The Team at Generous are helping churches launch their giving platform with a bunch of resources to help make their Generous launch a great success.

From user help slides to a custom ‘how-to’ video for your church’s Text to Give mobile number and one-to-one coaching session for church leaders.

We want to help make your experience, and your members experience of Generous a great one – helping raise generous and faithful givers in your congregation.

Some of the customised slides you’ll receive for launch with Generous

Over the past few years we’ve met church leaders who have tried giving technology with mixed results. Some appreciate it and others have struggled to see the value in it. For various reasons it just hasn’t met their expectation.

Generous was created to overcome many of the challenges faced by other products. The cost is between $0-$16.50 per month. The support is personal and in local Australian time. The feature set is comprehensive, including Direct Debit giving, recurring giving, fee offset options, Xero and ChMS integrations, multi-bank account, multi-fund and multi-church campus ready.

However, despite all the features you could wish for, if your congregation have not received excellent ongoing instruction only the bravest and youngest souls will end up using the new technology. The single point of failure, in most cases, is not the technology, or the tool, rather the instruction. Don’t leave behind a great opportunity for your church to help raise income for the work of the Lord because you missed providing good instruction on how to use Generous.

That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you instruct and launch well.

Give us a chance to talk to you about “how to launch well”. Visit our Generous for Churches website and contact one of our friendly sales team at [email protected].