Can I ask a tough question of you?

Q? Why are some of your congregation faithful and generous givers when many more are not? What’s hindering them?

We have found that any of the following issues genuinely matter:

  1. Church leadership not modelling generosity
  2. Limited biblical teaching on finance
  3. Lack of attendance hindering regular giving
  4. Ease of giving in a cashless society
  5. Disciplines in giving
  6. New channels of giving
  7. Encouraging giving away from “attendance” towards faithfulness

Historically, the first 2 items have always been a challenge for church leaders and continue to be.

However, the remaining items can be addressed swiftly and effectively with a made-for-purpose tool. Church leaders will need to get familiar and skilled in using these new tools. Without it, faith communities will continue to struggle. At worse, poverty will ensue.

Generous for Churches is a church giving platform that helps congregations give faithfully, regularly and easily.

Presented and implemented well, this tool will help your church increase its giving, and the number of givers, to sow faithfully into God’s Kingdom.

So how does Generous actually help in these five areas? Let’s take a look.

Lack of attendance hindering regular giving

  • People can now give away from the weekly church offering. Generous works 24/7 365 days a year.

Ease of giving in a cashless society

  • Many people don’t have much cash on them to sow faithfully. But they don’t need to. Generous provides the ability to give by credit card or by debit account and even a pledge at any time.

Disciplines in giving

  • With Generous you can set a weekly or monthly regular gift.

New channels of giving

  • People can give at home using their internet browser, on their phone, via an App, even by sending a simple text message in 10 seconds.

Encouraging giving away from “attendance” towards “faithfulness”

  • Trends across western countries show church attendance in decline, but more alarmingly is the rapid decline in regularity. By using a tool like Generous congregations can be effectively encouraged to give irrespective of their physical attendance or non-attendance on Sunday.
  • With the rise of “online” viewership and attendance, giving “faithfully” can be helped by providing multiple “online” channels

Pastor, do you need help in one or more of these areas?

It’s not too difficult.

As part of our commitment to you, our church leaders, we will train you to become effective in the use of Generous. We are confident that it will result in increased generosity and faithfulness and ultimately see more lives changed.

We’re passionate about it!

Ask us how or sign-up today – we’ve kept the cost low to help you thrive!